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  1. Aventador/Medea B3 C2
  2. Aventador/Medea 1-25 2-24 3-23
  3. Aventador/Medea A10 B9 C8 D7 E6 F5 G4 H3 I2 J1
  4. Aventador/Medea A2-B3-C4-D5-E6 Monster: C3 D4
  5. I realized the reward of card game is changed so I want to see if I was the only one who had the problem? I played card game 3 times and I got 1. 7 bless for 320 point(it should be 2000 ruud box) 2. 7 souls for 290 point(it should be 500 ruud box) 3. 1000 ruud box for 360 point(it should be 2000 ruud box) Was is change officially but I didnt know?
  6. I have spent tons of my Jewel to make +9 +16 anc items to the Chaos machine in order to get Greater stone. It wrote like I will get 1-2 stone if it success, but I failed 3 times and I got 0. Is that normal or the bug?. By the way, it never happended to me in the Prime server. So whats the difference? Please help me and the others, Im realizing that not only have kind of this problem. Server: Medea Char: Aventador
  7. Aventador/ Medea/ A1 D4 Multi account - disqualified.
  8. Aventador - Medea 1 - 25 2 - 24 3 - 23
  9. Aventador/Medea 1-H 2-H 3-H 4-H 5-H 6-H 7-H Extra-H
  10. I cant use Elena's Letter to join the Maze Dimension anymore. I was able to use it when Prime server but its not working here. It said like some errors occurred. Please check for me. Thank you.
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