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  1. 1. Login of your account: saobang5692. Describe the problem: I have a sv x5000 character named Ringring After merging it disappeared, and was replaced by the character X100 I need to find lost items in a deleted character Hope ADM can help me
  2. bon sv +thuế/1 vòng nâng cấp
  3. I have enough 5 TOCA's in the virtual vault
  4. Name : -Tsu-NaMi- Acc : hatuanct3 Sever: x5000 04.04.2024 09:10 around that time lost item - Manticore Staff forgot to put toca and failled at +13 bons on account : saobang565
  5. SV 5000 - acc: saobang565 - character wearing wings : -ODIN- I was wearing the wing all class, but now I can't find it in the game Please help ADM check Thank you very much
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