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  1. Rare players have +15 items. Usually everyone leaves at 13 or 11.(Prime Player)
  2. Hi bro normal Dungeon '1750 Piece Ghost Kill ' no slot no spot 1-1 monster kill :(
  3. Lord SheZe


    Just Wings Sell ?
  4. Do you mean the energy that I understood from your article MG is useless?
  5. thank you so much bro
  6. Lord SheZe

    Hi All

    Herkese selamlar. SM veya ELF karakterimin master ve majezik noktalarını yanlış yaptım. Sıfırlamak mümkün mü?
  7. Hii All SM=Dark Soul set Luck+zen ELF=RED Spirint set Luck+zen or zen ring PM Game = Sheze
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