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  1. or maybe some actually meaningful buff to GL to make this class a relevant option !
  2. pikapika


    In sega gl cant pvp either. It loses to less rr and less items completely useless class.
  3. pikapika


    yeah admin already proved to me that he wont make the class worth playing ๐Ÿ™‚ its fine ill just delete my GL if no one trade and learn from that mistake
  4. pikapika


    spent around 600-700 euro ๐Ÿ™‚ big mistake admin promised fair balance i trusted
  5. i think Muuns is the perfect item to add.. but maybe exclude bunny .. and add up to the 450 attack Muuns they are untradeable and if someone got it he wont farm zen anymore so i think its perfect
  6. pikapika


    Sell /Trade > top GL https://muxlegend.com/en/index.php?page=info&act=getchar&name=HeathCliff&serv=server2 90rr 455 ML Mux weapon Fo+ FO shield +13 Wing 3 +11 full set DD+13 decent Muun Kundun 700 exe dmg (spoiler it doesnt just add 700 dmg) = bons/items / trade other class
  7. pikapika


    hey Trade for GL? 90RR wing 3 mux weapon set DD +13? https://muxlegend.com/en/index.php?page=info&act=getchar&name=HeathCliff&serv=server2
  8. pikapika

    GL 4th

    my fingers crossed.. because i lose motivation the class completely unplayable.. not in pve or pvp.. while you do testing please also test this as you can see it clearly says " inflict dmg 3 times " but in reality in here it only inflict dmg 2 times. . the class is already massively nerfed magic pin do more damage than shining peak.. why would it need to be changed from 3 to 2. GL is far behind other classes in both dmg and def and range.. the range already changed from 4 to 2 which is half.. and unneeded . then cut times hit from 3 to 2 and on top of that nerf dmg and nerf ML and 4th ? like 4th changed from like 160 into 1? thats bad joke are we forced to use magic pin as new main skill? thats bad . im expecting a proper fix to this class . thank you for your hard work devil but admin need to know and hear the truth
  9. pikapika

    GL 4th

    ok thank you, thats good to know i really hope he see this and finally fix GL because as it is right there simply no point playing.. the class is worst PVE and can not even do PVP.. pvp with this class is 1 sided waiting to be killed.
  10. pikapika

    GL 4th

    you mean december? thats basically 1 month away.. you telling me GL wont be buffed/fixed nor even tested for like 1 month ? thats kinda bs no point playing
  11. pikapika

    GL 4th

    GL 4th shining peak bugged just like its bugged on ML 3 and now ML 3 fixed but nerfed .. just how much you plan on keep fucking up this class @Arturs ? this class is a complete garbage piece of shit here right now unplayable that lose to ungeared players or even 10 rr less with equal gear.. you nerfed the heck out of this class to a point where its complete piece of shit garbage useless useless in pve and PVP even magic pin does more dmg than shining peak even before 4th and now this? get your self up and fking fix this class already and im not talking purely about the bug but also buff it and buff it alot to make it viable class to play.. it lack dmg and it lack def and it lack range.. so start working on it ! why did i even bother spending money on mux weapon and full set ? wings 3 if this class still cant even fight anything
  12. pikapika


    Yes alot actually!! What kind of test is this? Clearly now why balance so bad. Shiw items/stats/rr Also!!! 1: DL aoe vs GL single target 2:DL 6-7 range vs GL poor 2 range 3: 50% absorb dmg on DL horse vs 0 on GL 4: buff animation and uptine on GL vs nothing needed on DL 5: also DL attack slower on helper but faster without helper !!!!! You clearly dont want to show actual testing or do them And i can go on and on
  13. pikapika


    suggestion pls fix balance. in sega... @Arturs problem : DL is insanely over powered class good dmg good range good speed and insane unrealistic defense due to horse solution : Nerf absorb rate on horse from 50% back to original 15% problem 2 : GL is very much underpowered and very bad class at the moment in sega.. lowest DPS class of all classes closest range and also lack defense ! mainly dps is bad due to slow skills. solution : increase attack speed limit on GL from 525 to around 750-850 aswell as increase the attack speed from agility from 1/115 to 1/75-65 to easier reach cap and increase attack speed on weapons for example on mux lance form 130 to 200 . problem 3 : GL die too fast for class that short range and tagged as tank. solution : either increase the def from agi stat by alot or add absorb dmg % to 1 of the buffs ag shield/obsidian
  14. pikapika

    GL ML Tree

    hey its bugged again .. xD
  15. pikapika

    GL ML Tree

    now is ok agian, weird ill update here if its bugged again later
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