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  1. Bublick - Angel A4 - B3 - A3 - C6 - C8 - D8 - E5 - E9 - G6 - G7 - H3 - H8
  2. Bublick / Angel 1L - 2R - 3R - 4L - 5R - 6L - 7L - 8R - 9R - 10L
  3. Hey, selling black fenrir on magic server.web bon or dm me an offer, cheers
  4. Mage lemuria Archmage. Ba sealed Liberation*
  5. Chik Magic 1000x In vault have BA sealed ritual and they don't imagine in virtual vault and I want pick W3 Sum 3%true dmg from virtual vault to vault. then I join the game and open vault I don't see W3 and that in bank no space for wing and in virtual bank no wing they dissapear.
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