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  1. ty for the help, but i only use launcher... and i try with main.exe and nothing
  2. Now my gun too, with the same error. I can only log on my DL now. Noox , Medeas S1 (Gun name)
  3. Hi, i cant log on my character Dixxtra. I can log on my alts, but not on my main. I try to move it in different locations from website, nothing happend. I get this error. Server is Medea
  4. Hi i can't take my quest on my character. Medea Dixxtra I tink the quest was 254-255 not sure. Thanks.
  5. Dixxtra/ Medea/ R4 U3
  6. Dixxtra

    Moss Holybox

    Hi, i got a holy box from moss, and i want to trade it. But i cant move it to my inventory so i can get it from website.
  7. Hi, i just found this bug. When you buy the plasma skill for gun from X-shop in game.


    You don't get the skill, you get a seed +19


  8. Dixxtra

    NoteBook 4.2

    so calling some one cunt , is the worst to say here in UK. Is OK, good to know
  9. Hi, I am curious to know if you can get BA and SA boots for Slayer since I don't see any in shop. The BA boots that are in shop it says ML only. Thanks!
  10. Dixxtra

    NoteBook 4.2

    1. My nickname: Dixxtra2. Game server: Medea - S13. Which rule clause was violated: Humiliation of players and the use of obscene language. 4.24. Nickname of offender: NoteBook https://muxlegend.com/en/index.php?page=info&act=getchar&name=NoteBook&serv=server2
  11. I will like to report NoteBook for disrespecting me in game.
  12. Dixxtra

    DA staff no EDR

    Il trade you this one with out EDR for yours if you have with EDR and you can play with out, deal?
  13. Dixxtra

    DA staff no EDR

    You clearly see how greedy that sounds, to pay 55 euro + to get EDR
  14. Dixxtra

    DA staff no EDR

    Hi, i clamed a DA staff for SM with Darkangel Box, is not the first time i clame items like that since you ally this method. But this time the item dident had EDR, and if i want to buy EDR option from shop is ridiculous. Can you please help me with this issue. Many Thanks.
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