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[In-Game Quest] Prime x5000 [07/06/2023]

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Hello MuX Legend Community!

Wednesday (07/06/2023) 16:00 Server Time will be hosted on Prime x5000 Server

There will be three events taking place:
1. 🎁 Guess the skin 🎁 (3 Winners)
2. 🎁 Hide and seek 🎁 (3 Winners)

3. 🎁 Unscramble 🎁 (3 Winners)
Special Extra Round 
🎁 Defence 🎁 (1 Winner)

About rules:
1. The GM will stay in Lorencia PVP Ring and players (you) will be around.
The GM will transform into a mob skin of any map and the player (you) have to write by /Gpost the name of the mob

2. The GM will hide on 1 map ingame and the player (you) need to find and trade the GM to win

3. The GM will post 1 word from Mux Legend world with the letters of it mixed and
the player (you) need to put it on right order to find the correct word (by /Gpost)
Example: svadei --> Answer: devias

Special Extra Round: The GM will post 1 Random Number and the Players (you) need to bring me 1 item with same Defence as the number that GM asked (the 1st who bring the item win)
Defence 40 (you have to bring 1 item with 40 defence to GM)


There will be a total of  9 wins (3 wins each event), each win gets you 20 bonuses 
Special Extra Round win 40 Bonuses

 See you there!

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1. 🎁 Guess the skin 🎁 (3 winners)


1. xFrOZeNx 
 2. -Tom-      
    3. -Tom-        

2. 🎁 Hide and seek 🎁 (3 winners)


1. xBamBam    
 2. xBamBam    
 3. -Michael-   

3. 🎁 Unscramble 🎁 (3 winners)


   1. -Mokus-  
   2. -Michael-

     3. Mattoni 

3. 🎁 Special Extra Round 🎁 (1 winner)



Prizes generally are awarded in Fridays

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