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  1. nik777

    Noob question

    I mean talisman of luck, of chaos and assemply
  2. nik777

    Noob question

    Many years i havent played mu, season 3 was the last one i think. Can anyone please explain me hot to create the 3 different Talisman? Thanks in advantage
  3. Can you set if it is possible the gap lvl of the party not to include the ml? Or at least to decrease it. Searching a normal party sometimes is terrible. I find party from N command but i click to teleport to the leader or at the member pt and nothing happends. How i know the cords, sometimes party members cannot see at the map. Or party members are dead or i must change server and when i change server i realise members or leader are got disconnected. Or finally i find a prty but xp is very low. I spend more that 10 minutes to find a normal party. Old versions without ml system was only till 400 lvl max and the gap was 120lvl. Now with ml and normal lvl max is 800. This gap setup have not to do that you have done something wrong but the creators of this game have made it like this. At the older versions of mu was much better to find it , i just had to search at the map that i am interest to train and members of party to join. N system sucks especially if has bugs.
  4. nik777

    xp party

    True, the party leader was dc Or sometimes i dont get any xp at all. Happens now 390 lvl, when i join pt was fine. Forgot to mention that.
  5. nik777

    xp party

    Hi Sometimes i join a pt and have terible xp, i guess from gap lvl when i am low, the other members noone was close to 400 and i was 180. Today i joined to a pt i was getting very good xp, my lvl was 395 and suddenly i check and i was receiving very low, the only difference was one member had disconected and we were 4 people at the spot instead 5,i dont join to pt if there is a member more than 400 lvl, i dont have train my ML. Whats going on?Even with gap lvl instead 120k i receive 10k, is not normal. First time i see so huge difference in a server with that kind of rate.
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