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  1. The topic of this post is: BOTs, the 3rd party ones To the less educated about the subject, what that bot does is allow the cheater to set up a location and his character keep coming back and back no matter how many times you kill him making it impossible to deal with KS. There's even some more advanced bots that auto kills red players on sight (not the case of the one i'll be showing in this post) I've been playing on Angel 50x with friends for about 2 weeks, and made my way through the BOT hell AKA starting maps (karutan and bellow) with a handful of recordings of actual BOTs hindering my and other players progress. In this post I'll be showing one of them on video: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Mp0L235UvTT163egpHx2SE4CjI63FRl-/view?usp=share_link As soon as the administration shows eager to face the problem and starts to take action tracking+taking down this player account and his alts, I'll pump more footage with *CLEAR EVIDENCE* of more players making use of a 3rd party BOT. That's it thanks and bye.
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