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  1. All is ok,only this ML to my GM misiing TNK you so much
  2. I created the characters, SonyA exists on someone else's account, so I named them SonyAa
  3. Ok,yes, Sulf and the other characters that I am missing were on the 100x server, I will create those characters again with the same names, thank you
  4. Hi,after combine all servers,lost 4 characters with resets and much items Caharacters is: Sulf 90 resets, SonyA 72 resets, Akism 92 resets, HolyAngel 74 resets Here attached print screen with mai items from this characters
  5. Hello I have a character with 100 resets, level 400 and 505kk zen, 395 ML I tried to reset and I can't, I get the answer "You have reached the limit of resets" What do I have to do to reset or Grand Reset?
  6. borghesi

    Update problem

    👌tnk you all,fallow yours instructions and ok
  7. borghesi

    Update problem

    Hellow, i have problem with conection after last update when push conect client crash and pop up with error message ,,you are disconnect,, i download last update and replace in client...not work
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