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  1. U guyz really are stupid ones! there are allot of ways to earn money! Rawolf2... Do u accept that admins doing good for server? Doing unbalance class for game. With that money, that they get from donations - they could do proper job to balance the server! Dont says tupid things like.. "U work for free??" Do you work for free? Or u do work and not so effective?!
  2. Are u stupid or what? Read the name of topic!!! NONE DONATION SERVER!!!!
  3. Why do i need to pay for free game? Do you like play a game, where donators allways win? what the point?!
  4. Try to make it or u cant?!
  5. Спасибо! Попробую как ты сказал! 👍
  6. Есть ли разница между Bleed i Poison ветках? Кто что качает?! Поделитесь мнениями!
  7. deus27


    Oke. Thanks!
  8. deus27


    Is he even in game? Cant find him anywhere???!!! 😞 Mb.. someone knows his coordinates?
  9. deus27

    Gun Crusher!

    Sorry mate.. i dont have any BOX! ?(
  10. deus27

    Gun Crusher!

    Mux Legends box.. dont see weapon for Gun crusher! + dont see anything for Gun crusher from shop! Set bonus items? Something???? Or where it drops?
  11. deus27


    Does VIP and Exp seal stuck??
  12. deus27

    Gun Crusher points

    Крч, я понял, что туго доходит до вас! напишу на русском! Я сделал все квесты, что Marlon и т.д., но все еще получаю по 5 очков за 1 лвл!!! Как так получается????????????????????
  13. deus27

    Gun Crusher points

    dude.. iam 4th class hero. i did all the quests.. ! After class change they didnt fix the problem.. for like 3 weeks! 3 WEEKS KARL!!!
  14. deus27

    Gun Crusher points

    then WHY .. AGAIN question for you.. i have 5 points??? dont read properly or what?
  15. deus27

    Gun Crusher points

    As says GM.. or admin.. "Never heard of it..."! Told them allready 2 weeks ago - 0 reaction!
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