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  1. No one wants to play with you. Take your ball and go home, we're all better off without you.
  2. I don't have time for that bullshit. Everyone knows you don't play right though. At least you feel special in your little MU world, hacking to 'own everyone'. Sorry your uncle touched your no-no spot. Y'all still suck and lose CS.
  3. @Koostiso Scum of the earth trash player. Stop hacking ya noob. How many times people gotta catch you doing dumb shit like killing people from safe zone and across map? Even Rush skill doesn't work that far. Go die in a fire, cheater.
  4. Dude 1 shot me from across the screen. Fuck your crybaby ass about language. Play legit without hacking.
  5. Stop hacking ya noob.
  6. Riiiight.... I had been there for many hours at a time. You came and killed me first, then kept coming back repeatedly and attacking me until I had to clear pk. It's whatever though, I admit my mouth was frustrated and uncalled for so what happens, happens. I had many drinks and you were the third person then that tried to push me out where I was leveling so I was angry.
  7. Huh... so you're going to cry on the forum about my language after you griefed me in game for 30+ minutes? Is your name Karen?
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