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  1. 1410019


    he uses them against ordinary players who do DS/BC/Goldens/Orc because of this, with any equipment, even +15 it is impossible to win and pick up the reward.
  2. Diluc/medea A1-B1-C1-D1-E1-F1-F2-F3-F4-F5-F6 Monsters: A4 - E3
  3. 1410019


    sum imposes debuffs in bs and ds as well as on gold just on the character and he has nothing to do, have you exactly set up these skills for sum?
  4. 1410019


    what kind of setting is the summoner character throwing debuffs on the Persians even in bs, ds and bosses that hangs for 10 minutes.
  5. Nightmare zone no working
  6. 1410019

    the fruit

    Does the fruit point-to-point system work here? if so, will these stats disappear after resetting stats on the web?
  7. DPS SM with 525 attack speed and 32767 Energy did so insignificant that now it is not possible to take the gate and statue from DL BC and MG, the same situation is on gold.
  8. DL for 475 attacks, speed SM 525, but at the same time the damage of DL is 2 times more, I did not write down nicknames, go to the BC. I go to the BC a lot, what the rating says, and I see how my body kit for 10 + k Bon does not solve because of your settings against the Zen set)) and wepons 4 tier
  9. dl bk mg he damage is much higher than that of the SM, and with the new settings of the attack speed, I cannot take the BS dressed in BE anc set s BE staff + 15 i wing 3 + 15 from them, despite the fact that they are wearing items + zen and BA wepons +9. how so?
  10. now SM from 525 attack speed to the top rudd set with wings 3 to +15 and BE staff + 15 cannot transfer to BC of DL BK MG in zen sets and wrpon DA+9 lol big tnx good opc.
  11. Diluc/Medea A9-B9-C9-D9-E9-F9-G9-H9-I9-J9
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