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Forum Event "Fortune"

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Hello everyone!
Today I'm bringing to your attention event called "Fortune" for the first time. I hope you will like it!


Rules are very simple:

  • You need to guess the fortune pair (two matching monsters)
  • Each right guess gets you 20, 30, 40 or 60 bonuses (depends on monster tiers)
  • You have 3 guesses
  • Post your guesses down below (nickname and server included).
  • Guesses must be from 1 to 25 (5 rows and 5 columns, 25 in total)
  • All numbers must be different
  • Counting goes in rows (on the example board 1-5 Spiders, 6-10 Shadows, 11-15 Ice Monsters and so on)
  • Usage of alt accounts will lead into disqualification of all accounts

Monsters on the fortune board (for demonstration):

Tier 1 monsters (20 bonuses)
Ice Monster

Tier 2 monsters (30 bonuses)
Great Bahamut

Tier 3 monster (40 bonuses)

Gold badges
There will be 2 gold badges on random monsters on the board and if you guess the gold badge pair you get 60 bonuses (See the board).
Also gold badge counts as a match to any other monster, for example if your guess is Balgass and the second is monster with gold badge, it counts as 2 Balgass.

-Beasty- / Prime
1 - 7
3 - 25
6 - 13

"Fortune" starts now and will end Sunday (15/11/2020) 23:59:00

Good Luck!

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