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Legends arena

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Legends arenathe new period in your MU Online adventure on our server. After a devastating war, this ancient arena wasn't available for players, because the entrance was blocked and ruined. Now our mages found out, how to teleport new warriors there and now every player can visit this place. 
This is a new MUX Legend vision that has all of the features that MU Online game is usually offering to a player. One location is concentrated on  Leveling, PVP battles, Farming, Bosses, and guild event - War of legends


Location is divided into 3 different zones:

  • Safe Zone – Place where you respawn after teleporting or dying.
  • Free PVP Zone – Kill penalty is disabled.
  • Hunt (Leveling) Zone – Area around the Monster respawn spots. In this area, Self-Defence and Kill penalty is enabled. After dying in this area, you will respawn to the safezone.

There are a total of 10 Hunt Spots in Legends Arena. 

  • Dreadfear
  • Iron knight
  • Shadow knight
  • Ferea knight
  • Deep gorgon

To enter the Legends Arena you must reach 300 level and pay an entrance fee 5kk zen.
Restrictions: you can't use "Party move" and Dark lord "Summon" skill to this map.


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41 минуту назад, suflen сказал:

Где вход ?


Press M 🙂

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10 minutes ago, vlaginator said:

When this map will be available? Currently it doesn't work for me 

Update your client 

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Oh, didnt notice about the new update, well thats explain the Naming colour not turn.

Btw, bounty offer still stand, whack tat guy 10times, post video of proof on comment, u get ur 20bless.

TheFattyBoi Gaming Banner.jpg

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