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[PvP] PK system

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Lets look at the basic features of the PVP system in MU Online

Information about /PKCLEAR command:

1) After you've made kill, you will be able to make command /pkclear only after 3 minutes.
2) After you've made /pkclear command, you receive cooldown for 1 hour
3) Limit for PK is 30

From killing players outside free PVP zones, the player gets punished. There are 3 levels of PK.
1 Level - Outlaw Warning. 21600 points. Your nickname changes to a orange color, but no restrictions regarding game-play are applied yet. 
2 Level - Outlaw 1 Stage. 43200 points. Your nickname color changes to red. You can no longer teleport, participate in events
3 Level - Outlaw 2 Stage. 86400 points. Your character turns red. All the restrictions from Level 2 still apply and using Dark Lord's Summon.

Every next murder, starting from Level 3 will add 3600 points. The maximum kill amount is 100. After reaching this limit, you will no longer be able to attack other players. 


You can clear your kills in three ways 

1) PK clear on website
Enter the website, choose Services and click on "Clear PK status
2) PK clear for Zen. 
Type the command /pkclear in-game. Clearing each kill will cost you 25kk Zen. (2 times lower for high exp servers)
3) Killing monsters.

The monsters level is divided by 2. The points you receive for killing each monster will decreased from your total amount of kill points. 
For example, you have killed 7 players. 86400 + (4 * 3600) = 100 800 points. Persona in Kanturu Remain is a level 118 monster.  That means, for every level 118 monster you kill, you will clear 59 points. To fully clear your kills, you will need 1708 monsters. And if the monsters kill are Elite Yeti you will need 5600 of them. 

Also there is a Self Defense system working in the game. If you have attacked a kill free player (white nickname), or a player with Level 1 PK, then his Self Defense gets activated after your first hit. That means that he can you attack you back and kill you without any PK punishments. 


The players can always find out who is stronger in a fair fight, in a private location, one on one, first to 10 victories. By accepting a Duel, both players are teleported to a special location - the Coliseum. 
To engage a Duel, press D, choose Duel, put your mouse on the player you want to challenge and click the right button. 


First one to get to 10 victories is the winner. After every death, both players are spawned on their spawns with their SD & HP regenerated. 
Also, the winner receives a special buff - Gladiator's Honor, which works only in Vulcanus map


Your Guild Master can make Hostility against any opponent guild. In this setting you can freely kill members of the opponent guild any time and in any location. 


Free PVP in special Battle Zones for Gens. More information here (right now inactive) 


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Drop rate? В вулканусе падает хоть что-то кроме монтсров на пол?))

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