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[Bosses] Selupan, Lord of Feria, Nix, God of Darkness

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Mu online boss Selupan

Selupan, one of the bosses of the Mu Online world is located in Raklion. 

Selupan mu online boss Selupan egg
Selupan Spider Eggs

The bosses lair is found on the coordinates 173, 24. 

Once you enter, you will have to destroy all Spider Eggs, after which Selupan will appear. This boss actively uses debuffs Poison and Stun, and also moves around a lot. Closed to the end of the fight, he will spawn his minions - Coolutin, which will also actively use Poison debuff. 



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Mu online boss Lord of Ferea

In the Ferea kingdom, you can find one of the most powerful bosses of the Mu Online universe - Lord of Ferea.

Lord of Ferea boss mu online Ferea General boss mu online Fereal Crystal orb
Lord of Ferea Ferea General Ferea Crystal Orb

The boss hunt starts on coordinates 58,122. This is a big empty room, where one Ferea Crystal Orb is located. When the Orbs HP is decreased below 50%, the room will be filled with a variety of monsters. It is not mandatory to kill them, but they will help the boss monster in the fight against you. 

When Lord of Ferea appears, the entrance is closed. Also teleporting out of the room will not be possible. 
During the fight, the boss will use 4 different attacks which you should know. 

Mine Explosion Ferea boss Brandish Ferea boss Roar Ferea boss Lords summon Ferea boss
Mine Explosion Brandish Roar Lord's Summon
1 to 5 mines will appear on the floor depending on the bosses HP. The mines explode 3 seconds after appearing. A cyclic attack is launched against one of the attackers. Do not stand in the way between the boss and this player. You lose all your AG and mana if you enter this field created by the boss. The boss summons his General and encases itself in a defense barrier which will regenerate its HP while the Ferea General is alive. 



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Mu online boss Nix

In the location Nixies Lake you can find the second strongest in the Mu Online universe at this time.

Nix boss mu online Spirit Nixie
Nix Spirit Nixie's Fragment

You can get to the boss in Nixies Lake. In the middle of the lake, on coordinates 112, 60, the Boss Zone Entrance is located. To enter you will need Spirit Nixie's Fragment, which you can find in from Nixie's lake monster
To enter the bosses lair, each Party member needs to have the Spirit Nixie's Fragment in their inventories. The items disappears after entering. 
When the boss monster spawns, the entrance is closed. Also it will not be possible to teleport out. If a player dies, he will not be able to return to the fight with the boss monster.
Also, if Nix kills all the players, his HP automatically gets regenerated fully. 

During the fight, the boss uses 6 special skills, which you need to know. 

Energy Ball nix boss Ice Rain nix boss Ice breath nix boss Ice Boom nix boss Knowledge Absorption nix boss Devil Eye nix boss
Energy Ball Ice Rain Ice Breath Ice Boom Knowledge Absorption Devil Eye
Throws an energy ball towards a player, which does damage and debuffs the player for 30 seconds with a big chance of success. It is impossible to dodge this skill. Creates icy rain (possible in multiple locations) which does medium damage and slows down every player that has been hit. Nix chooses a target and attacks with its ice breath. Does significant damage and slows down every player that has been hit.
A void zone appears under the feet of certain players. If the player does not leave the zone in 2 seconds, damage is being dealt.
When the bosses HP gets under 25%, he creates 2  Crystal Barrier, which you need to destroy. While they are active they regenerate bosses HP. Only Elemental damage works on these barriers. When the HP of Nix is under 15%, he creates a magical circle which all the players need to enter. Anyone who does not enter the circle gets killed instantly.



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Mu online boss God of Darkness

In Swamp of the Darkness you can find the currently strongest boss monster in Mu Online - God of Darkness.

God of Darkness mu online boss Monster of the water mu online Monster of the swamp mu online
God of Darkness Monster of the Water Monster of the Swamp

The boss is found in Swamp of the Darkness, coordinates for the entrance - 242, 89. 
Before the boss appears, you will receive a message in the game. After the message, any players who wants to, can enter the bosses lair. You can also enter at any time during the fight, there are no restrictions. 

On entrance, you will be awaited by 2 very strong monsters - Monster of the Water and Monster of the Swamp

Monster of the Swamp - a huge freak who's attacks can also give you Poison debuff. Also he can summon 10 additional (weaker) monsters during the fight. 

Monster of the Water - deals massive damage and can regenerate its own HP periodically when he moves back to his corner. After killing this monster, the boss will spawn. 

God of Darkness has three special skill, one of which is deadly.

Ball of Despair mu online Pentagram of Hell mu online Black Smoke mu online
Ball of Despair Pentagram of Hell Black Smoke
Attacks on of the players with a ball of despair, that deals big damage. A massive AOE skill that deals damage to every player in the fight zone. Deadly AOE skill, that kills everyone that has not escaped the field of the skill .

You are given 10 minutes to kill the boss monster. In any of the results, winning or losing (not killing the boss in 10 minutes), the entrance to the boss is closed until his next re-spawn.



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