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Nameless apply

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Good morning, afternoon, evening!            Nameless.jpg.da04a56eab7291c658bbb35e67052787.jpg


We are a group of Spanish-speaking people who started playing servers together since 6 months ago. We all had mu experience before that and migrated to this server to try to be highly competitive and fight for be on the top, without forgetting to have fun. We, all can uderstand and speak English.

Rules to be clear before apllying:

  1. Treat everyone in guild or ally with respect. (do not insult, all problems can be solved by talking and in private. In the event that the problem cant be solved by involved ppl, call GM, AM or BM to mediate the problem)
  2. Tottaly prohibited any type of racism towards members of the guilds or others
  3. Is necessary to have discord, cause any kinds of notice, organization for bosses or events will be coordinated in our discord channel
  4. Dont ks spots of Guild or ally members
  5. Dont pk guild or ally members
  6. Be active. In the case that you must be absent for more than 2 days, you must to notify in the discord channel.
  7. Understand and speak english, because we have ppl from all over the world and they speak different lenguages.


  • Real name:
  • Age:
  • Link of your charac:
  • Where are you from:
  • Discod user (with#):

Thank you for read us! Enjoy the game and help new ppl, make this sv a great place to play!!



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Kien, I talk with GM and will acept you, Sergey I add you In discord to send channel invitation, aplly to guild too

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