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[Event] Doppelganger

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Where and how to enter

The event takes place on the Market server every 4 hours
To enter the event, you will need to create Mirror of Dimensions. 

Sign of Dimensions Mirror of Dimensions
Sign of Dimensions Mirror of Dimensions

The parts for the ticket - Sign of Dimensions -  are in drop from Icarus monster and higher. The Mirror of Dimensions is created automatically when you collect 5 Dimensional Sign in your inventory. 

NPC Rugard is located in the Event Square (Market server) his coordinates - 169,57.

Doppelganger NPC

Entrance levels

Works ONLY 1 stage - 6. 
Levels from 10 till 400

Rules and conditions of winning

There are 4 portals located on the map, each party gets assigned 1 portal. In the center of the map, the central portal is located, from which endless groups of monsters will be sent towards your portal. You cannot let the monsters get to your portal. 
3 times during the event a mini-boss will spawn. By killing this mini-boss, it will drop 3 chests, but you can only open 1 of them. Inside the chest, you may find a prize, or an extra group of poisonous Lavra monsters that will come your way. Be very careful, because this mini-boss can push you out of bounds.

Near the end, the main boss Ice Walker will spawn. 


On the bottom of the screen, you will see extra information regarding the event.
The left side of the bar is your portal, while the right side - the monster portal. 
The grey triangle is the location of your party members. The blue triangle is your location. С
The longer the yellow line (from right to left), the closer the monsters are to your portal. 
The spawn of Ice Walker will be marked with a red triangle. 

  • To enter this event, you will need to be in a Party with a minimum of 3 players. 
  • Up to 4 parties can participate on 1 map. 
  • To enter the event, the Party Master needs to have a Mirror of Dimensions in his inventory. 
  • The Doppelganger event can't be visited more than 4 times a day. 
  • You cannot enter the event with Murder status. However, killing other players in the event is possible.
  • If you get killed - the event is over for you. 
  • If 3 monsters have reached your portal - the event is over for the whole Party. 
  • Mastery Boxes can be obtained only by players who have reached Master Level and have 400 regular levels.
  • If at the event was the only one party, they won't receive mastery rewards.

To win, you will need to still be alive after 10 minutes of the start of the event and you cannot let any monster reach your portal, and also you will need to kill the boss monster - Ice Walker. (if you don't kill the Ice Walker, you will still be getting the Mastery prize)


Doppelganger reward:

Minor Mastery Box (250+ pts) Standard Mastery Box (500+ pts) Greater Mastery Box (25000+ pts)
Minor Mastery Box Standard Mastery Box Greater Mastery Box

Killing a monster - 1 point
Killing a player - 4000 points
Killing the Ice Walker (the whole Party gets awarded) - 5000 points
Winning the event - 19950 points



Season 16 TEST mode. 
This is temporally prizes, just to check, that everything works as it should

During event box prizes:

"Short Sword"


End game event box prizes:

Small axe
Light spear
Short bow
Skull staff
Small shield


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Does it still work? And the prize is still the same?


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10 часов назад, dkpro сказал:


Does it still work? And the prize is still the same?


no, it's still disabled. 


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3 minutes ago, quocdai92 said:

Is that available yet on x5000 Prime?

No, neither on Prime or Medea.


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