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[20.09.2022] - Chaos Lottery

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On the server was added a new Chaos Lottery.

A new way to obtain TOCA & TOL items.
Collect the Chaos Soul by farming special monsters, mini-bosses, invasions, and Legends Arena. After you reach 200 "Chaos Soul" items, you can play the lottery via Moss NPC in the Embeland.

This system will encourage active players, and prevent making big farms. Even players with a few resets already can start to collect the Chaos Soul items, because many weak monsters will drop it.
Chaos lottery has only 4 items on the list, so you will 100% get a valuable prize in the end.

Detailed information about the Chaos Lottery you can find here

This system is running in a test mode. Any digits and way of obtaining items can be changed, also as adding new ones. TOCA item still will be available in the zen lottery during the test time.

Please run your launcher to receive auto-update.
If you have a problem with the launcher, please use Patcher to upgrade the client manually.

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As I said, we tried our best to find golden middle. Now zen farming not so important to have TOCA, ETOCA and other items. And these items more available for all players. I wait for comments about this system from players. 

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