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Excellent items drop table

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We think, that everyone already tired of absolutely senseless excellent drop from monsters. A lot of useless weapons. In Kubera mine drops great dragon boots, gloves and pants. But where to find armor and helm? Also drops parts of the Dark phoenix and Black dragon set. But no any item on Rune Wizard or Slayers. And almost the same drop in Raklion from regular level monsters. 

So, we decided to remove all weapons and shields from drop (weapons and shields drop only from the monster, which are using exactly these items), and leave only set items. Now with this tables, you can easily understand, where do you can find items.

Tier 1 sets: Pad, Leather, Bronze, Vine, Silk, Rune padded, Slayer red wing

Location Tier Monsters
Lorencia 1 All monsters
Noria 1 All monsters
Devias 1 All monsters
Embeland 1 All monsters

Tier 2 sets: Bone, Scale, Brass, Wind, Robust, Violent wind, Slayer

Location Tier Monsters
Dungeon 2 All monsters
Atlans 2 Bahamut, Vepar, Valkyrie
Lost Tower 2 Shadow, Poison shadow,
Cursed wizard, Death cow

Tier 3 sets: Sphinx, Plate, Spirit, Light plate, Gru hill, Rune sphinx
Additional drop: Excellent Ring of magic & Pendant of ability

Location Tier Monsters
Atlans 3 Great Bahamut, Silver valkyrie,
Lizard king, Hydra
Lost Tower 3 Death knight, Death gorgon, Balrog
Tarkan 3 Mutant, Bloody wolf, Iron wheel
Icarus 3 Alquamos, Mega crust

Tier 4 sets: Legendary, Dragon, Guardian, Atlans, Adamantine, Red wing, Princie, Rune legendary

Location Tier Monsters
Tarkan 4 Tantalos, Beam knight
Icarus 4 Queen Rainier, Drakan, Alpha crust,
Phantom knight, Great drakan
Tarkan 4 Mutant, Bloody wolf, Iron wheel
Aida 4 All monsters
Kanturu 4 All monsters
Acheron 4 Alkmair & Ubaid monsters

Tier 5 sets: Eclipse, Ashcrow, Iris, Valiant, Dark steel, Ancient, Sacred fire, Slayer demonic

Location Tier Monsters
Karutan 5 All monsters
Kanturu relics 5 All regular level monsters
Swamp of calmness 5 All regular level monsters
Rakleon 5 All regular level monsters
Acheron 5 Debenter monsters

Tier 6 sets: Grand soul, Black dragon, Dark phoenix, Holy spirit, Thunder hawk, Glorious, Demonic, Storm zahard, Sate

Location Tier Monsters
Swamp of calmness 6 All master level monsters
Rakleon 6 All master level monsters
Acheron 6 Uruk & Nars monsters
Ferea 6 All monsters
Nixie's lake 6 All monsters

Tier 7 sets: Dark soul, Great dragon, Red spirit, Hurricane, Dark master, Piercing grove

Location Tier Monsters
Swamp of darkness 7 All monsters
Deep dungeon 7 All monsters
Kubera mine 7 All monsters
Abyss of Atlans 7 All monsters
Scorched canyon 7 All monsters


Location Tier Monsters
Blood Castle 1 1 All monsters
Blood Castle 2 1 All monsters
Blood Castle 3 2 All monsters
Blood Castle 4 2 All monsters
Blood Castle 5 3 All monsters
Blood Castle 6 4 All monsters
Blood Castle 7 5 All monsters


Location Tier Monsters
Devil Square 1 1 All monsters
Devil Square 2 1 All monsters
Devil Square 3 2 All monsters
Devil Square 4 2 All monsters
Devil Square 5 3 All monsters
Devil Square 6 4 All monsters
Devil Square 7 5 All monsters
Edited by Arturs Vesna
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