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[Characters] Mage: Lemuria

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lemuria mage


  rune padded set MUX Legend padded set MUX Legend rune sphinx set MUX Legend rune legendary set MUX Legend kenaz set MUX Legend rune light set MUX Legend blood angel set MUX Legend
  mage pad mage sphinx mage legendary kanaz mage divine mage light blood angel
class lemuria mage lemuria mage warmage archmage warmage archmage archmage
type excellent excellent excellent excellent / pvp 380 lvl socket 400 lvl socket ancient
ancient version --- ----- ----- arka / iria ----- --- blood angel
dark angel set MUX Legend
holy angel set MUX Legend
awakening set MUX Legend
blue eye set MUX Legend
silverheart set MUX Legend
  dark angel holy angel awakening blue eye silverheart manticore brilliant
class archmage archmage mystic mage mystic mage mystic mage mystic mage mystic mage
type ancient ancient ancient ancient ancient ancient ancient
ancient version dark angel holy angel awakening blue eye silverheart manticore brilliant


  name of wings requirements chaos machine
3c28140c5889c5a27194a54f500ce4ba.jpg wings of heaven lemuria mage
180 level
chaos weapon +4+4 opt
lower spirit stone x1 min
jewel of chaos
142a3acef81f4d0d69c7be011ddf17ad.jpg wings of soul warmage
215 level
1st wing
medium spirit stone x1 min.
jewel of chaos
loch of feather
0fa8923a5ee30ceb1988703c71ec5233.png wings of eternity

300 level

feather of condor
flame of condor
greater spirit stone x1 min.
jewel of chaos
bundle of jewel of bless x10
bundle of jewel of soul x10
902c8a577dccd8e847f15f13dec602ba.png storm's wings mystic mage
300 level
garuda flame
garuda feather
golden sentence x50
greater spirit stone x1 min.
bundle of jewel of bless x20
bundle of jewel of soul x20
bundle of jewel of chaos x20
bundle of jewel of creation x20


tier 1: royal orb
tier 2: myotis orb
tier 3:
tier 4: blue moon orb
archangel weapons: archangel orb, blessed orb
socket weapons: spinel orb, almandin orb
mastery weapons: dark angel, holy angel, soul, blue eye, silverheart, manticore
special mux weapons: - 


  name of skill requirements elemental type drop
poison poison mage: lemuria
energy : 140
918019f8e714e62d5014b8d47bcfc557.jpg lorencia shop
371fb3a7812a21a1f896f1bc96f3ac28.jpg fire ball mage: lemuria
energy : 104
lorencia shop
f954e646bbb22f2a18c24bfadf201fab.jpg lighting  mage: lemuria
energy : 72
b02cd3fd9a0644771a63d96e5363cd50.jpg lorencia shop
25b8dc0fe3e71a3470184679e6df7af2.jpg meteorite

mage: lemuria
energy : 40

lorencia shop
flame flame mage: lemuria
energy : 160
lost tower/atlans
9b3d84fee35f45dff3c46ed89e996424.jpg ice mage: lemuria
energy : 120
lorencia shop
a2c092ee364a6ae898b0e129c348ba77.jpg twister mage: lemuria
energy : 180
b02cd3fd9a0644771a63d96e5363cd50.jpg lorencia shop
7b898f72e0729d07eb24e2d3e4470c7a.jpg hellfire mage: lemuria
energy : 260
lost tower/atlans
5bb7111328229facebb30ce10f15db74.jpg power wave mage: lemuria
energy : 56
b02cd3fd9a0644771a63d96e5363cd50.jpg lorencia shop
1a1e6c8c181878a54eb2cad276397340.jpg inferno mage: lemuria
energy : 724
927bc66356e7cb17ed155f2302a5eab9.jpg tarkan
fb13c6b1e481e8932e544911e8390911.jpg teleport ally  war mage
energy : 644
--- tarkan
b90471e720079772f06e7400a1e307da.jpg magical shot basic skill b02cd3fd9a0644771a63d96e5363cd50.jpg -
369e75ea557f5f95ec04006fbad5454d.jpg decay

war mage
energy : 953

918019f8e714e62d5014b8d47bcfc557.jpg icarus
3b9f23532560a86a0d1b7942ad4ba3a9.jpg ice storm war mage
energy : 849
plasma storm horn of fernrir skill --- -
2fd49dc7a905fb800e45ec9d102d02d8.jpg expansion of wizardry war mage
energy : 1058
level : 220
marlon quest need
b02cd3fd9a0644771a63d96e5363cd50.jpg karutan
27026237d1f19fcd5d03b8306832d701.jpg earth prison master skill 8bbac4279fc590df5c7c12ee4c441ca0.jpg -
marvel burst
marvel burst mage: lemuria
energy: 104
unleash marvel war mage
energy: 700
ultimate force
ultimate force arch mage
unleash marvel 10 pts
energy: 1073
ruud shop
531e8fd3d24ddcd1e2184bb68b2c69bd.jpg cure master skill --- ---
54efc813fa862a97898bdfcde65b62a9.jpg beginners heal mage: lemuria
energy: 52
--- lost tower/atlans
39dadea4c90d6cbdd45ead9c6823e0ad.jpg beginners recovery war mage
energy: 168
--- kanturu
019dbc53bb58811357c761609bd47ea3.jpg beginners defence mage: lemuria
energy: 72
--- lost tower/atlans
e9b48790d9172ced11c5cae57cd86a8b.jpg beginners attack mage: lemuria
energy: 92
--- lost tower/atlans
a898cc6270800b3a91235629e9bbc8ba.jpg beginners bless mage: lemuria
energy: 150
--- kanturu
9a67784768b63aa0d7aa70efbb3a1933.jpg archangel's will blessed divine archangel weapon skill --- -
83c5b0234d62a2fae1d129b6b8742a6c.jpg poison storm mystic mage
skill enhancement 
--- -
5c4ec1e58e40eadbba6f9217f1122bbd.jpg frozen slaughter mystic mage
skill enhancement 
--- -
9599beab29fa0ca4352029176d0f7ba5.jpg bleeding heat mystic mage
skill enhancement 
--- -
691c7fcacf39d6bd367ba8dff08f7b2a.jpg shock boom mystic mage
skill enhancement 
--- -


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