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Red smoke Icarus

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new map in MUX Legend season 17 - red smoked icarus.


elite great drakan
location: red smoke icarus
spawn: 3 hours
drop: guardian enhance stone
special drop: ~20% elite guardian enhance stone, talisman of luck ~15% & ~1% seal of ice dragon

this monster appears mostly now far away from exits, in hallways or a little bit farther. 

elite phoenix of darkness
location: red smoke icarus
spawn: 00:00, 06:00, 12:00, 18:00
drop: green/red/purple chaos box

this monster have more interesting spawn. every 6 hours can elite phoenix of darkness with 20% chance. 
but in total there is 5 bosses, one in the end of the each elemental portal. so mainly there will respawn only 1 boss in the end of location, but also there is chance, that count of bosses will be from 0 to 5

about respawn in the safe area. there is 10% chance, that you will spawn in devias after death. be careful!

about drop from monsters. their will drop non-excellent tier8 items, and non-excellent tier4 items.
sculpture and guardian stones also will drop on this map. drop of this items in scorched canyon has decreased x2.


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Элитный Великий Дракан 

where exactly is he being reborn

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