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Change the cost of Sphere Upgrade Rune

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Hello. I want to suggest a reduction in the price (in ruud) that the Sphere Upgrade Runes have. I think 5000 ruuds is too much considering that they are used in each upgrade instance of each Seed Sphere.
For example:
To make a seed sphere at lvl 2 I need 5k ruud.
To raise it to lvl 3, need lvl 2 + lvl 2 = 10k ruud.
To raise it to lvl 4, need lvl 3 + lvl 3 = 20k ruud.
To raise it to lvl 5, need lvl 4 + lvl 4 = 40k ruud.
And so on, and so on. 
It seems ridiculous to me. Just to have a seed sphere lvl 5 i have spent 40k ruud, and it's only one seed sphere. this makes having socket sets completely unfeasible.

My proposal: change the price of the Sphere Upgrade Runes from 5k ruud to 1k ruud OR zen.

I believe that at the same time this benefits the market by bringing more objects to trade.

I hope you consider it, greetings.

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