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[24.03.2021] - Update #16

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In-game were added new weapons and shields.

At this moment exist the only one way of obtaining the best weapon - mastery craft. A great alternative will be for those players, who got tired of collecting RUUD, are opportunity to instantly receive top weapon, which you no need to craft. The new items will be in the middle between the current top tier and the next generation. 

The new shields will be an amazing alternative for the old shields, which weren't updated since the first seasons of the game.
New items you will find in the lottery, also with a certain chance from the Asteroth boss, in Arena points store and for castle owners, in Senior mix with 50% chance.

Changes in the Lottery system.In the lottery were added all-new weapons and shields. Now lottery coins you can buy only from website in service "Lottery"

Due to the fact that amount of classes in Season 16 is already 11, we make a decision to change the system of drop, significantly improving the prize distribution system itself.
For example, if you won a Darkangel weapon, this weapon can be for any of 10 different classes. Thereafter, only a 10% chance of success, that this weapon will be for your class. So starting from now, instead of randomly weapon, you will receive "Weapon bow". Darkangel box, Holyangel box, Soul box, MUX Legend weapons box и MUX Legend shields box. If you receive this box, on the website you can exchange it on any other weapon of your choice from that category. 
If you won any weapon from the lottery in the last month, we are ready to exchange it for the matching weapon box. For more detailed information please write in PM on Forum or Discord to the Arturs.

Adding PVP options.

System with PVP options exist in MU Online since season 2, and at that moment was actual. On the best gear, you can add an additional option. Sounds good and logical. 
But our "Set Bonus" system already stimulate to searching items for better grade. And mastery system totally bereave sense of these options on the weapons. 

Now you can add PVP options via our website . On weapons and shields for bonuses. On set items for Zen and jewels. Of course, now these options you can add on any excellent items, and the improvement of these options depends on grade of the item. More about PVP items you can read here.

Due to the fact that the Jewel of Guardian has gained value, Kalima 6 & Kalima 7 now will be the main map for farming. Now, these maps have spots.
In Red Chocolate Box appeared Jewel of Creation. The chance of the Jewel of Chaos was decreased 2 times.
Not long ago we received information about the Luck option issue on 3 level wings, and we can confirm it. Unfortunately, but fix of this issue exists only on Season 16. Right now chance of receive Luck is less than 5%, so please think twice, before starting to craft it. 
By the way, with migration to Season 16 will be fixed a lot of problems, such as the issue with wrong magic stone numbers, Ghost horse option, and others.

We have transferred all the formulas for calculating the characteristics of objects from the game to our site. Now we have displayed absolutely complete information about all items in the new "Item Encyclopedia "
Fixed a problem with displaying most of the items.

Season 16

Now about the most important. The next week we will post the exact date of starting the open test for Season 16.
Together with that news will be more detailed information about all changes that we will meet in the new season.

Please run the launcher to receive an auto-update. If you have a problem with the launcher, you can download our patch here

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sounds itneresting, ty. Do you have any plans to open new server in the near future?


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22 часа назад, rawolf2 сказал:

sounds itneresting, ty. Do you have any plans to open new server in the near future?

First, we need to make migration on season 16, there will see. 😼


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