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Event rewards

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This topic serves as a basic information about in-game and forum events.
I have received many question lately about when rewards are given out, what reward you get for winning etc., so here will be answers to some questions.

When are the rewards given out?

Rewards are given out once in a week by @Arturs

When will you receive your reward for winning?

Rewards are given out usually on Fridays and depending on what day the event was hosted it can take up to 6 days to receive your reward.

How are rewards given out?

For every event hosted there is a topic on forums and after the event ends Event host provides a list of winners - In-game nickname, amount of bonuses and server, so the winner has nothing to worry about - reward will make its way to the winner 🙂

What rewards you get for winning on events?

There are two type of events:

  • In-game events - Winner gets 20 bonuses for each correct answer. One person can win twice on each event so you can win 6 times in total (2 times on 3 events) every time in-game event is hosted. In-game events are announced day before they are hosted.
  • Forum events - Rewards for forum events vary. Depending on what type of event it is you can win different amount of bonuses. Rewards for forum events are provided within the event topic as well as the event rules and task.

I haven't received my reward, what should I do?

Visit this topic and fill in the form provided there, make sure that rewards have been given out already.

How can I know if rewards are given out yet?

It's actually very simple, when @Arturs has posted about giving out rewards in the specific event topic, you can check previous event topics for example.

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