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Probably on almost every banner you can see the inscription "Without donate shop".

But the interest to server rapidly falls, when you enter a game and see, that on X-Shop you can buy everything, starting from 4 wings and Mastery weapons, till RUUD and jewels, which make items +15. So you would not have to check it, right here we underscore, that from us there is no way to buy from website, x-shop and we do not sell anywhere, in any form these items:

  • All wings types
  • All sets (Excellent, Socket, Ancient, Mastery)
  • All weapons and shields
  • All Excellent rings and pendants
  • Jewel of kondar / excess / science / kundun / wisdom / dark bless / dark soul / dark life
  • Fenrirs, Guardian pets, Demon & Guardian angel
  • Pentagrams and any other ingredients to them
  • All kinds of boxes (except Box of Luck)

Yes, all that is written beyond, can be obtained only through the game process.

Also, we provide a lifetime guarantee to the safety of all your items\characters\accounts. This means, that our servers will never close and get wiped. In case of the server merge, we won't make "discrete wipes", as others like to do. All your characters, items on them and in the bank will be transferred to the more lively server from the server with the lowest rate. Such merges happen only by request and approval from the majority of server players. In order for your character to be transferred, he should have at least 1 reset.

Starting from 2012, none of our projects were closed and no item wiped.

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5 minutes ago, kirito21 said:

So, does the amount of the donation matters if we want to safeguard our account on the server? 

download gb whatsapp

No. Servers can be merged, so all accounts, items e.t.c will stay. The MUX Legend project are running since April 2020, and we didn't wipe any single account. 


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