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[Forum Event] Blackjack 21.06.2024

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Blackjack Title.jpg

The rules for this Forum Event will change the next time it is posted. 
Seems that it's a lot harder to guess these correctly.

I will make it more simple, therefore there will be more rewards.


I'm a Gambling addict. I went to the casino and played 3 hands of Blackjack.


  1. Guess 3 of my Blackjack hands
  2. There will be 2 cards in each hand
  3. Guess Cards, not suits
  4. Each card guessed - 20 Bonus
  5. Guessing both cards in one hand - Extra 25 Bonus

    Available Guesses:

    Whole set of cards:
    ( 2 - 10, Jack, Queen, King ,Ace)



Gucci Apollo

A - 4 - 3 - 10 - J - Q


Hand 1                                           Hand 2                                         Hand 3

Blackjack Hands.jpg


(DISCLAIMER! - This is just an example, real answers will be randomised)

attention.png.1e640f740039d7a789950ac79b94b783.png Usage of alt account will lead into disqualification of all accounts!


Event "Blackjack" starts now and will end on Monday (24/06/2024) at 16:00

Good luck everyone!

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Adam Apollo

J - 2 - A - A - 9 - 2

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