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Something for active players

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My main problem is that when I have 1-2 hours to play on a random day, many times there are no Chaos Castles happening during that time. This means the best thing I can do is farm in Devias, which often feels like a waste of time.

Thats why, to be honest, this server is quite boring. Why? Because the best thing I can farm is in Devias.

At 0 resets, Devias was the best.

At 60 resets, Devias is still the best. I believe it shouldn’t be like this.

Reset costs are also way too high. Back in x1000 for 100 resets, I paid 300kk. Now, I'm paying 470kk for 62 resets.

Here are my suggestions to improve the gam for active players by adding more farming spots, similar to the snakes in Vulcanus and Crywolf mobs with Fenrir pieces.

1) Kalima

My dream is to make Kalima similar to Varka – an instance you can do once a day, but I understand that might be impossible.

However, I think Kalima should be reworked. Kalima 1-4 are just a waste of time. Kalima 5-6 are slightly better, but compared to Devias, I could get a Box of Kundun +5 faster from a Golden Budge Dragon than from Kalima. Kalima 7 is not worth the time spent there.

My suggestion: add zen to the drop.

  • Kalima 1: Box of Luck + 50kk zen
  • Kalima 2: Box of Luck + 80kk zen
  • Kalima 3: Box of Luck + 100kk zen
  • Kalima 4: Box of Kundun + 4 + 50kk
  • Kalima 5 and 6: No changes needed in my opinion. Maybe additional zen.
  • Kalima 7: The Green Box is too low for killing Kundun in Kalima 7, which takes a max stat character with low gear about 20 minutes to kill. Maybe add some Ruud or a small amount of Wcoin, for example, 10-20?

Reduce the respawn timer. especially while the player count is still over 1000, or set the respawn timer at random. With 1000 players and a fixed spawn time, a few players will dominate this.

2) Varka

I think there’s nothing more to add – just enable Varka already.

3) Doppelganger Event

Enable it, and make it similar to Varka – one entry per day with a chance of a valuable drop, but very rare, similar to the Flame from Varka.

4) Illusion temple.

As above.

5) New dungeon (not map, but instance)

Similar thing like in other mmo games- an instance than you can farm over and over to get some rare drops. For example- similar thing to varka, where you go through some doors, then kill mobs, then some statue and stage boss with drop. Just to take some time, for example 15 minutes. Main drops are small amount of jewels, some low ruud boxes but once in a time you can score something better like higher grade exe item or jewel bundle. With some main ultra rare drops, like 1 in 1000 or rarer, like flame of condor? Wing relic 2nd?

6) Maps

Vulcanus and Crywolf are good examples of how high-level maps should be.

However, they are still not enough. Due to the high number of players, I could buy more Ruud for jewels farmed from Devias in the same amount of time as hunting snakes in Vulcanus.


Crywolf is well made, because it offers a different type of item.


Add more random mobs to maps like Acheron and beyond.

I know there are random mobs, but a few hours respawn time is too much. Maybe reduce the reward to 1/4 but also lessen the respawn time to 1/4?

Fixed respawn time is another problem- if someone got time of a mob spawn then he will let his guild knew about it and dominate the mob spawn. Nothing left for random players.

Add some Golden Budge Dragons and tiny ruud snakem to higher level maps to make some zen and low-grade excellent items and tiny amount of ruud.

Add some tiny Ruud snakes somewhere. For example, tiny Ruud snakes and Budge Dragons in Kanturu. It’s a big map, and a tiny amount of Ruud won’t hurt the economy, I think.


Acheron random mobs drop acheron related items for example- random mob that drop 1 mithril piece?

And similar to higher maps.


Maybe some new random mobs than can add small amount of wcoins? Literrally 1-5 coins?


Btw. That was the reason why i quit x1000 with 100rr character. Beacause i could do nothing better than devias.





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Well, looking at your reset, master level, achievement count, set, quests and that you aren't in guild... I think that there are things that you can do. :classic_laugh:

x1000 is a high-rate server where resets you can do pretty quickly. This is a mid-rate server, zen should have more value, so the total amount of zen for resets is higher. Anyway, I didn't see a zen problem.

1) About random spawn timer - it's not possible at the moment. IGCN devs already have this suggestion. 
But also Kundun monsters are spawning In the legends arena. In the future, in late summer - early autumn, there will be a rework of "War of Legends Arena", so maybe something will be changed.

2) I don't understand this. Varka is available

3) Doppelganger event have an issue with the drop. Sometimes it drops, sometimes not. :whyyy: so this event is on a temporary pause. 

4) in illusion temple 2 parties can join. How to prevent a thing, when one guild just went there with 2 parties? Is it will be fair?
We have one idea about it. 2 random GM's will receive temporary IT tickets(cannot be traded) one per day. Only for guilds who farm points in legends arena. Something like that

5) Impossible, this is some kind of custom. But I like things like this

6) Well I doubt that you can buy more ruud for jewels farm in devias. What do others think?

Acheron random mobs drop acheron related items for example- random mob that drop 1 mithril piece? - it's again mu helper farm
Can totally agree with an acheron mini-bosses, but again, we don't have ability to make random spawn timer. When random spawn timer appears - this will be big changes.


I would like to see other players thoughts about all of this too.


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3 minutes ago, Arturs said:


6) Well I doubt that you can buy more ruud for jewels farm in devias. What do others think?


1k ruud i can buy for 6/6 easly, takes about 10 minut to get, or even less. Similar amount from snakes i have to be pretty lucky, beacause of amount of players roaming vulcanus

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