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About Me

Found 4 results

  1. = 100 bonuses or Zen or Jewels. Just post it in the Market System, i'm gonna buy it or pm me in game. Nick: ChuperM.
  2. Hello, I wanted to ask if is there any progress in repairing website market filtering. I found that someone already reported this problem It would be alot better, if that filter would work. Thank You.
  3. js9skux


    hey guys, im selling/trading characters and a full DD+DDi armor set +13 for SM up for trade/sell is my FULL exc bone set +13+L+DD+DDi up for trade/sell is my 94 RR MG 423ML up for trade/sell is my 95 RR ELF 400+ ML up for trade/sell is my 100 RR RF 400+ ML
  4. js9skux

    B> High RR char

    im buying a high reset char pref is about 85+ open for negotiations. pref is SM/DL payment in Bons. dont contact me if your expecting 4k bons for your afk'ed SM with a zen set.
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