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Found 1 result

  1. Hello guys. Im new to MUX in general (didnt play other ones exept Antares) and got some suggestions about gameplay. I would appreciate you for your thoughts. 1). Auction. Many servers holding auctions in-game or on forum. The main currency is Sign of Lord. Items are provided from administration, but players can donate items also (or any other stuff: jewels, zen, etc). If MUX administration will hold auctions weekly (or per 2/3 weeks) - server will gain one more currency exept jewels / bons / zen : Sign of Lord. Also, you can get Signs from many locations, so newbie players can also participate and get some good stuff. 2). Devil's Square. One of the unpopular events. The only reason to go there is weekly (?) bonuses if you achieve top rating. My suggestion is to increase amount of goldens. In my opinion 3 goldens is enough. 3). Doppelganger event. Is it possible to change defaults of joining the event? Today's defaults is that you need 2 parties of 3 members to join 1 event. It is possible to go with all the twinks I guess, but.. Maybe more people will attend that one if administration will decrease needed amount of people? Cant tell you about the drop, cant find people to go there. 4). Blood Castle. The only event everyone's going to daily. Its a good one, but. How do you think, is adding zen drop there a good idea? 5). Kundun. Please, could you add to drop ancient items? There is no point to hunt Kundun because of only one box is dropped. Its hard to find and hard to kill, so it would be really great if administration could add some high tier ancient items(dragon / legendary level) to the drop. 6). Kalima. I suggest to add low-tier ancient items to the drop from illustion of Kundun in kalima, that would make people go there not only because of the quest. I think you really can remove boxes and add ancient instead. What are your thoughts? If anyone would read/reply this - thanks for your time. Sorry for bad english. *UPDATE: Dont know if its necessary: in-game nickname ImFkinDone
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