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  1. ganja

    Socket items

    btw i think thief is bugged, doesnt spawn in Raklion i never meet him there since it was added not in x5000 and x100
  2. ganja

    Socket items

    when you will put those changes?
  3. ganja

    Socket items

    i understand you that items should be harder to farm and they should be farmed from bosses, but you had to fix this before server opened or early game, not now on late stage of game when there is one strong guild wich is taking all bosses and leaving rest of players without items, now its realy too late for that kind of fixes, by your actions now you jus making strongest players more stronher and letting them become stronger without any compatition if this continues people will start to leave server becouse they cant even gear up. I think you need bring exe drop back and put socket box to zen loterry so weak players can gear up and we can make CS more interesting.
  4. ganja

    Socket items

    95% of all bosses goes to vietnam donators who bougt theyr acc on black market they dont get ban for it, also they use cheats and they dont get ban for it, now you cutting exe drop and socket items other players just dont have any opportunity to get good exe or socket, Medusa is killed all the time by vietnamies same shit will be with Selupan. Thats why im mad, you just making game comfortable for vietma. Maby rename server to Mux Huyền thoại.
  5. ganja

    Socket items

    ok fuck it no point to colect socket set i give up, anyway vietnam donators will get evrything, looks like you love vietnam donations and making evrything comfortable to them and dont leaving chance to other players
  6. ganja

    Socket items

    @Arturs Set is usless without seeds, and making seeds is compleatley different story, its not bad if lot of players will have sets without seeds) when box was in lotery noone had compleated set with fully sockets, but now i didnt got a single items L 3sockets for few days, i can continue to making seeds but whats the point if i dont have set? now socket set is waaaaay too hard to find. Please put the box with muun prize, anyway those muuns doesnt drops too often , sometimes i dont get them for 2-3 days, sometimes 2 per day, i dont think this will breake ballance. Noone wants to make seeds without set, maby if more players will have sets this will triger them to farm resources for seeds, and beleave me, its not easy, tonnns of ruud, jewels, anc, exe, zen and patience.
  7. makes sense, evry day different time, for example now i cant farm any bosses on this server i have late shifts, but if evry day time will be different maby i could get some days, some boss from morning.
  8. ganja

    Socket items

    1 boss with 5 items 100% +L 3 Socket its good but realy you need full party for hunting selupan. Thiefs drops random Luck and socket, you need a lot of items for upgrading, chance to make it + 10 , + 11 is 60%, maby % for upgrade can be improved same as exe items (75)?
  9. ganja

    Socket items

    Selupan is strong boss, impossible to kill it solo, need full party. And you need to be super lucky getting all bosses evry day.
  10. ganja

    Socket items

    good idie about putting box with muun prize, at least its better to get box instead of usless muun
  11. ganja

    Socket items

    Since Socket Box was removed from Zen Lottery, itas too hard to get socket items. Medusa, Selupan, Ferea and Thief on my opinion is not enough for collecting Socket set. Those bosses are only once a day except Thief and i never got good items from thief, I tryed to make upgraded socket set at least +11 when box was in zen lottery and failed alot, because % for upgrade after +9 is only 60 but it feels like it is about 40. I had 4 full royal sets +L 3socket and more parts.. they all burned, sucseeded only 1 upgraded gloves +11. Maby add socket items in regular monster drop with simmilar % of drop like exe items, random +L and sockets, example Raklion or Ferea monsters.
  12. you didnt tryed to make upgraded socket set you dont understand what im trying to say
  13. @Arturs Why you took out Socjet Box from Zen Lottery? Its almost impossible to get Socket set just hunting medusa and selupan, when it was in lotery i burned abot 20-30 items trying to make upgradet set at least +11. Got only 1 item, now socket set is somthing what you can only dream about....
  14. SympLe / Medea 2-6 4-8 6-10 8-12 10-14 12-16 14-18 16-20 18-22 20-24
  15. try to trade some boxes to your alt
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