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  1. majestic tree ELF is only for focus shot. Multishot is disabled
  2. Elbeland and acheron both not complete. Quest master is shop now. He wont give quest but you only can buy a kriss.
  3. Multi shot for Elf is not working sword blow bead for DK is not working
  4. got a ghost horse +5. Trying to update it to +6 by the trainer, but that wont work on test server. and i saw today that fenrir's just disappear out of your inventory lost one and made a new one, now this one is gone too.
  5. Muun not working some items in ruud shop shows ? or number quest system gots errors. (elbeland spiders for example)
  6. Which kalima are you ?
  7. maddog

    Evomon Evolves

    evonom on level 21 gives only minor box instead of the ancient.....
  8. i know, but this is way more then i can do with full range on fire blow
  9. just curious what attack this is. With BM i cannot kill at long distance, but He can. The one i mean is around 1.24 on Prime server in this cage 2021-03-13_08-15-29.mkv
  10. virtual vault click on the zen vault and transfer ..... works for me
  11. thank you, my girlfriend already told me, you told her in game already
  12. the sculpture arenot the problem atm, but the seal of ghost horse i have never seen from a drop. Its remove from the zen lottery but how do i get one now ?
  13. Did something changes about grafics are something ? My wife can almost dont play anymore. No smooth picturing anymore. Lags are terrible on her laptop. I can play with computer without problems, but even my lags are bigger then before.
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