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  1. did not they tell u , it is no pvp server, it is farm in 5 windows server)
  2. 3xar

    [21.08.2020] - Update #8

    will there will be a chart what drops where)? oops sorry found it
  3. Utilizing this function will give all donators HUGE advantage over non donators, for instance : I personally firstly collected Black dragon set +13+dd+l, but making it +15, and find its items is pain then I moved to brass set and collected brass dd ref L +13, for like 1.5 weeks, now only 2 parts left +13(rest 15), If u do set bonus, the ones who donate will just craft ON web any higher tier set with bons to +15, and will literally humiliate all the ones who don't use bons Its very hard to find ,and make higher tier set +dd+ref+l, to at least 13 (My black dragon i did for few month only have 3 items dd ref+13) about harmony's on Be sets, that will impact balance and will cause mess, if u want huge dmg u go be, if u want more def and so on u go Ex set+dd Mattoni
  4. Neko something wrong with your eyes? cant see properly?
  5. Dear Admin, Please review the attached screen,and ban this ……. , language is Russian Thanks and Regards Mattoni
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