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  1. Tell me which recipe is correct, apparently an error in the description in one of the articles (one needs a loch, the second a crest) Here: name of wings requirements chaos machine cloak of limit grow lancer 215 level 1st wingintermediate spirit stone x1 min.jewel of chaosloch of feather name of wings stats on +0 wings requirements possible options chaos machine 2 level cape cloak of limit defense 15 inc.dmg - 20% absorb dmg - 10% grow lancer215 level increase chance of true dmg by 3% increase mana +50 increase hp +50 1st wing lower spirit stone 1x min. jewel of chaos crest of monarch
  2. Caxa | Angel 1) C3 - C4 2) B2 - D3 3) D4 - C1
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