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  1. server 2(sub-server) was mainly created because of server 1(main server) getting full, now less players so it's only logical to remove server 2 (sub-server)
  2. exactly, the way he answers, as if he is the boss lol, he is just a questmaster and not even a senate so he better act like questmaster and not a troll
  3. Positive, i observed that you are just a troll, if you can not or don't know the answer, don't act like a bravado, oh yeah your a senate? who cares? you keep pointing fingers did you know that?
  4. the interest of admin is not the player base but the player's money, they don't care what you think, all they care is money, Mu is business, if it's dead, so be it, open another server, the cycle goes on.
  5. count how many guilds are still active, then count how many players are on that guild preferably also active, that gives you the estimate total number of players left.
  6. dude, pussyman means chicken means lame means you are not that strong as you think you are, it's an american slang language, i don't think it's an insult, it's like being called noob
  7. some admins/senate/wannabes dont play the game and pretend they know everything😂
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