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  1. i feel sorry for u but i think this account is lose. more than 5 days and GM dont do nothing. shame!!
  2. whats ur stats?. make a screenshot with ur stats
  3. I would be very happy if Arturs would do some tests with the same stats that I have, to see what it's like to invest in a character that can barely kill monsters. not to talk about bosses
  4. with this stats, I can barely kill monsters in Nars. and still take 1k+ dmg from monsters. and i have wings lvl2+14
  5. well. im agree with u. BK at PVE ( speak only for PVE ) is bad AF. at 9k agility + 2 items +13 (tier4) and wings lvl2+14 and i cant do Varka event. no dmg, no deff. and i have 35 rr
  6. some one said like 2 weeks ago, if u dont have money to play on this server then dont cry. and she have dam right
  7. WhyNot / Angel 1- A2-B3 2- B3-C1 3- C2-D3
  8. is not fixed. have same reward on angel server
  9. i think u need to have 10 lvl points to put points
  10. u need more elite guardian enchant. that 6/2 is false.
  11. i do more dmg with my IK ( 35 rr ) that this guy who have 45 rr and MUx weapons
  12. if I were to do something like this now, being a normal person "not like you from the MuX staff" the answer to the admins would be something like that. next time pay attention to what you give ok or what keys you press. if it happened that an admin entered a personal account without the approval of the person who has the account. it's already serious
  13. how about GL. or Agi elf, same thing, dmg come from agility
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