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  1. online game and cry with lemu. Don't stay here and cry indiscriminately. top 1 lemu welcomes you.ok
  2. ctmht11

    Sega / Borg / 4.2.

    There are fewer and fewer players for this reason ^^
  3. @Arturs Payment cost i have in acc ctmht11. So how does trading work? please show me how.
  4. @Arturs please check for me
  5. Name : 22222Account : ctmht11Server : Sega Origin of lost items : obtained in game process.Date and time : 18:00 to 18:07. 20/07/2023.I had the Brilliant Mage Gloves make but I forgot to put the toca in the Chaos Machine so I lost it. please help me get that item back.Item : Brilliant Mage Gloves luck +9. picture of the item before it was lost
  6. 22222 - Sega 03-06-08-15-22-29
  7. 22222/Sega A1 - C3 A3 - C2 B2 - C3
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