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  1. I understand you a bit because I also stream, but think about the players who can't. It would be a great alternative for them.
  2. MANlL


    1. Spartacus 2. Angel 3. 4.8 / 4.6 4. CKEJjETOH 05.01.2023 r. This player play on Multiacc so plis BAN for IP and disconecct for that person (CKEJIET is him also)
  3. MANlL


    pls IP BAN for that person.
  4. MANlL


    1. Spartacus 2. Angel 3. 2.2 4. CKEJIETOH 30.04.2023 r.
  5. I've been playing mu since 2002. I have character on every server of mu webzen. I've played on many different servers, I couldn't find a better one, so I'm happy here. Please note that the MU is created as a P2W game, and I never said that the server is uncool. Sorry if I offended your feelings.
  6. I said you have to pay to play not to win (without Vip you no have chanse with top players) The same when you dont stream!! That's what I meant, but I see that the same Heroes speak
  7. In general, don't expect too much from this server.. It was probably made for Guild Heroes who do what they want here. Stream to win and pay to play.
  8. MANlL


    1. my nickname: Spartacus2. game server: Angel3. which rule clause was violated: 4.24. nickname of offender: NhatRi He started KS on the spot. I took the fight and he started calling me an idiot many times. Then he came with 5 characters to torment me and spoil the game. I understand PVP, but why these insults? Heroes Guild should change its name because they have nothing to do with heroes. In my area we call such people beets.
  9. you have the balls to write something like that? Now have the balls to take responsibility for it. and you crying ๐Ÿ˜˜
  10. so he have to humiliate player Spartacus and He's all guild ๐Ÿ˜„ Good Job!
  11. My Nickname : Spartacus Server : Angel humiliation and insulting in Polish language JoKemati - "bitch with no school" Euphoria - "laugh like a cunt you are"
  12. Spartacus Angel A-3 B-3 C-3 D-3 E-3
  13. Spartacus Angel 1R-2-R 3L-4R-5L-6L-7L-8R-9L-10R
  14. The possibility of issuing ZEN on the website would increase their value. I would add jewels there in this jewel of luck.
  15. In my opinion this server should be improved because it is dying 1. ZEN worth nothing It makes the economy die 2. Drop only from missions, quests and events. It makes the strongest guild able to monopolize all, which will effectively block other players. 3. Insufficient set crafting options. Items with good options are so rare that there is nothing on the website in the store because everyone is selling garbage, it inhibits economic development. 4. And this injustice in the lottery, zen and coin lotteries have too similar rewards with a big difference in price. 5. But I don't like the economy on this server, the best part of it is crafting items that are simply not on this server and you have to spend almost a month to get one item that will burn you in 3 hours. 6. To me it looks like a server made for WeStars and don't be surprised that in the end only they will play.
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