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  1. Hi Admin, I had a CQ wing in my SL char, and after change update, it turn into BK wing (SL cant wear BK wing) so I think it visual bug, but then I logged in and there is no wing. Neither SL wing or BK wing. Artus said that wing CQ will be change to class wearing them, but it seem to be an error, pls help me get back my SL wing. Sever: Prime Char: DragQueen
  2. About CQ wing exchange

    Hi Arturs,

    I think we have some mistaken here, I had a CQ wing in my Slayer char, and now it turn into BK wing. Could you help me change it to SL wing? 


    Prime sever

    Char's name: DragQueen

    Screen Shot 2023-08-16 at 06.32.37.png

    1. mrtranxuan


      I logged in and there is no wing in SL char, neither bk / sl wing. but in web it still visual. Pls help 

  3. It easier for everyone, including top player, including you. So if you play harder than other, it always payoff, dont worry. Things change all the time, today you can outplay other by spending time and effort, other day you must be creative in competing. 1 more thing, dont you want to have stronger nemesis, more challenge, or you want to be lonely and bored on top? chill out mate, everything gonna be alright. to the end of day, it just a game, we can be happy whatsoever
  4. you need to reach 400 level
  5. Man, this news suck, I really love the look of CQ wing, and it's so cool when all class can wear it. So sad and disapointed, when all similar problem like this have same solution - "delete it" (skill, skill range, items, ....) Please man, if you are an admin who love Mu online, try your best to keep the original spirit. We play Mu online instead other game because of those nostagia feeling, don't we? And one more thing, Is it really nescessary to remove the CQ wing just because it benefit DL than other class? How many player play DL? And how many of them wearing CQ instead of cape?
  6. try Varka event, it help you get to lvl 10 and you can get out Event Map. You're welcome
  7. Buy Phoenix Soul Claw luck good opt for collective purpose - 10% ex dmg - atk level - atk - speed
  8. Buy ancient hero soul at prime sever
  9. x5000 Prime sever Need lance FO / Bow FO I have staff FO and Scepter FO for trade.
  10. Totally agree, and one more thing, WE NEED MORE VISUAL EFFECT for such top-tier rare expensive powerful weapons. More shining, bling bling, sparkles,.... everything, please. Ruud weapon visual are way more fabulous. Dang!
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