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  1. x5000 Prime sever Need lance FO / Bow FO I have staff FO and Scepter FO for trade.
  2. Totally agree, and one more thing, WE NEED MORE VISUAL EFFECT for such top-tier rare expensive powerful weapons. More shining, bling bling, sparkles,.... everything, please. Ruud weapon visual are way more fabulous. Dang!
  3. Prime sever Buy RF char with high item (ruud item FO) Buy w4 RF Buy RF ex + 15 All = web bon
  4. Get a high defence set, pentagram (for element damage), take an elf if you need, buy buff if you need, have a party if you need, add point to stamina and agility, buy a lot of HP. You will be fine my lonely friend Personal, i like hard quest (and i think its not too hard) it more fun. Webzen made change class quest available for party for a reason.
  5. Set, wing, weapon is more popular, you will get them anyway. But rare pets are rare, keep it man. Have a rare item in Mu is something =))
  6. I have bon web wanf to trade to Prime bon, need Prime bon. Thanks
  7. (Prime) T > black fen = GL ruud weapon FO (have black fen) 1 of Soul lance / or BE lance / or SH lance will be great
  8. I lost 3 of my chars ingame. Still see them in "your character" on website, but not in game Image attach, pls help me
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