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  1. suggest - to ban on forum acc noywk1991 for stupied suggestions. and leave game settings all as is or return to default webzen settings. NO1 know the game better than developers. IT is fact. If some1 think he understand and know balance and game better - he an IDIOT.
  2. Deleted

    Grow Lancer

    Stupid noob for what forum categories?! https://forum.muxlegend.com/index.php?/forum/1-general-forum/ u not only stupid also blind? u dont see Discussion category?!
  3. Deleted

    Grow Lancer

    Who asked u?! u admin?! go cry in ur topic. Its a suggestion directory not discussion
  4. 1)show at last 1 screen where borg wrote "dicksucker" ? - liar! 2) "pork" batter than "trash"? "Trash" word use all server - no one report. only u to ban me I dont want to talk with u more. you are an insignificant person
  5. just yesterday. eternals alt.....
  6. Deleted

    Grow Lancer

    Suggest to nerf Grow Lancer. 1) to cut dmg 2) to nerf ability use enemy AG Because: GL have very big dmg and with his big def and abulity to use enemy AG, even he not fight, make GL hard to kill even on AFK, and Almost imposible in battle, so GL create disbalance in pvp now. This is first class that need to be nerfed. Many players start to play GL after they saw how strong GL. U can see how many GL was created on server start and how many GL created last time. Its just because GL very very much strong in pvp.
  7. -1) so i even no sleep no eat no work ... only type in game?! every h every min?! you are healthy!? its ur char - healthclift? one more liar detected! Let check chat logs. -2) I beg admin again - to check logs a) i not use b) I never wrote such words the only word he ascribes to me and I wrote in game was - clit. 3) apparently its your char GL with nickname: healthclift . I remember 100% u trashtalk to me 1time, maybe even I have screenshots. Just report me - force me again to look in screenshot folder and give u answer. Stupid Liar. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ For administration : I beg admin again - to check logs and Start to ban for constant lie, for taking administration time on forum with their lies and trying to denigrate a person. And all this only because he is their opponent in the game world.
  8. I ask, no, I beg you admin, check chat logs by whom and when these two words "pork" and "pinnis" were written for the first time. )
  9. Lie - chat logs will show this
  10. omg again Eternals guild here.... why here not in Prison with everyday reports attempting to ban me agian? keep it if u cant kill me. I also use Bulgarian to insult- every day lol: about who was first pork or pinnis - hope admin have chat logs, to see, I not remember exectly who, maybe demolus, but first some1 from eternals used pork. pinnis come to us only after this player used pork in my direction, as answer. I prefer to answer not to write reports-complaints. So all this true facts admin can see in logs. Maybe u get ban for permanent lie! And no maybe , but 100% - If the demolus was not on the server with his constant forum report-posts, it looks like this person come here not to play, but to write reports on the forum, (tell him to write complaintbooks) the whole westars guild would not left the server .
  11. 1) Pork - not insult? who need to decide? but if its ok ill call u demolus-pork or vnpork. And from now we all know its not insult u 2) Show 1 screen where i say wh*res, ra*s, rats. exactly this words! - Keep your lie for your guild, they eat. 3) U wrote pork every day. And your guild still write it till today.... 4) Tell us where we can see facts, as u saw, that i got chat ban 1 day but no acc ban 1 year?! __________________________________________________________________________ Im sorry, I didnt want to write more on the forum at all, but I couldnt resist seeing another portion of lies.
  12. show video about this, 1 hit dragon, its other case. not like moving, in ur video i dont see him hitting any mob. maybe i miss something? sec pls?
  13. its just visual bug(y like many on this srv) on your pc bc of server\conection . if ill report all like this half of server must be banned. it happens some times on every server with player. And if even i wrong, exactly in this case, this is nothing, 0, harm other players or game, server. Dont be like demolus reporting everything. u here to post reports or to play and enjoy game?! ill support report if someone use hack to win in battle, but this report - bullshit, sorry - rabbitshit.
  14. man its just game, old game, on private server, take it .... easy ) I can answer on all your notes but it will take many time to explain. not everything is as straightforward as it seems.
  15. all bullshit... example: slayer have crazy range and u ask more to improve his big dmg?! maybe we need to improve smg dk gl rage range?! Every time here come a new player he write his suggestions or advices. I was same. Just play. Let admin create his own world based on his point of view.... Balance is only on webzen.
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