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  1. halu prime B1 - B2 - H7 - C6 - F8 - D8 - E1 - E2 - G6 - G7 - J1 - J10
  2. I don't think its a good idea to change toca success and price for ruud sets, you shouldve take that into consideration when presenting chaos soul and taking out toca from zen lotto, ruud set for dmg is endgame gear, if you gonna make it easier then ppl will play 1 month max out and leave, hope its not your goal, thats it. Making ruud set is meant to be effin hard. PS. Its already made easier when on start u make BA +9 and DA +11 when i made mine it was BA +11. Play the game and make your set, ur not gonna get Bri from AFK.
  3. I always complain so i have now some things that i think are good. 1. I think less % on VIP is better not worse, its still huuge advantage to pay less for RRs/vip arena - this is more for fresh serv but talking numbers 5/5% seem arleady good 10/10 is overkill. i even think in 5/5 and zen resets on fresh serv its almost mustbe. Keep Vip 5/5 in my opinion. 2. I think punish only PVE is ok if it was PVP earlier and was changed i think on Magic serv at that time there was reason to do it, some ppl play and some new ppl come i played 1 year ago then i come to play for a bit and i read new post to bring back toca in zen lotto on sega etc. and ppl dont know what happend earlier with that bots farms complains. 3. "SM is not nerfed, he just can't use SD potions like before" well im playing pve im not pvp player but SM was a problem for long time here ok nerf it no prob but dont say its not nerfed, i assume all classes now have less dmg but i'd rather see more dmg reduced from SM than the speed, i can count meteors hitting this looks fun and ridiculous SM is so slow. i dont have the knowledge and i cant test anything and im not a person for that i just trust you put effort for what you do and as history teaches me here it doesnt always work like that 😄 4. SM had to be nerfed but i think you also forgetting one thing, SM is kinda endgame class, top gear makes him good, i have alt DL and SM, earlier, early/mid game SM was hard to play now its unplabyle so imagine not endgame result but also early/mid game. SM W2+13 DA STAFF+13 DS SET +9 1000 lvl have trouble to farm deep dung while with similar gear and % ( i dont have exact numbers but here really 5-7% even doesnt matter) DL sweeps spot with similar gear and % compared to SM early/mid. But we also need to remeber that every class has its porpus it never can be 50/50 DL has other use than SM etc and i get that. 5. About SD CD i wonder what can be done cause i think, and as i said im not PVP player and ppl say some classes use SD and some not, if there is no CD on SD its SD battle for 10min but if there is CD then classes that are not using SD pots have advantage - how to solve that ? 6. I've read somewhere earlier that settings on prime are now with balance like on sega/angel or smth like that i might be wrong, but how it relates with PRIME being full stat serv? does it matter? 7. To sum up, in other games there are trends, after one patch some bunch of classes/heroes etc are better than the other, in MU classes have different purpouse and are used for different reasons, its good to balance but its impossible to reach level when all classes are equal. Its chaotic cause i wrote fast, maybe i share some thouthgs later. oh yea and argument that SM tested in exc set gives other results etc. again in my opinion SM is all about ruud set you have no dmg with exc set as SM.
  4. halu prime A1-A2-B2-C3-C4-D4-E4-E5-F5-F6 Monsters C6,D3
  5. halu prime 1L-2R-3R-4L-5R-6L-7L-8R-9R-10R
  6. Hello, any information about achievement system for prime ? is it staying like this or its gonna be changed like it is on sega with rewards ?.
  7. With unbanning people only to profit yeah we are going this way. Its like 0 morals, allowing people to cheat and saying - nothing will happen to you as long as you pay. You should punish severe cheaters with permanent bans so the rest of the players can be sure they play in normal enviroment its everywhere like that with almost every game/community/platform.
  8. That is just laughable, even beyond that, hack and pay to play back perpetuum mobile.
  9. "2nd - now i can agree with that. Aggressive speed hack will be banned by rule 8. The price of unban is only in web. bonuses and affect on the account value. " Any other ideas people to make this server more payable ? you got banned for cheating and you pay for unban ? Maybe im blind or reading it wrong, correct me.
  10. halu prime 1) B2 - D4 2) A3 - D1 3) C1 - B2
  11. halu prime A1 - B4 - C3 - D2 - E1
  12. halu prime 1R-2L-3L-4R-5L-6L-7R-8R-9L-10R
  13. Artur do you care to finally share changelog of changes made in balance ? or this is info only for top players who know stuff earlier and tell others on discord what has been or will be changed ? Big balance changes and you still dont care to share with playerbase, almost 20 days how nice.
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