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  1. Can get a NEW Quest list?!? btw, Quest 220, who is Ukanvas?!? and where is it?
  2. osklubs

    pandora pick

    1 guy out of 10000 :D yeah, thats good %
  3. osklubs

    pandora pick

    have been told, for success 100,200 but if its 32, so its pointless pick... used 3 pandoras for whole time, and get only 32jewels...
  4. osklubs

    pandora pick

    HI, i think something is wrong with reward, i mined Life stone, and succesfuly mined, but get only 32Life, is that ok??? Prime HuLiGaN ~15:20 P.S. alsow something wrong with upgrading item to +9, coz sometimes i need to spend 50B + to make an item to +9 (with LUCK) thats not funny....
  5. osklubs

    BUG HELP!!!!

    Hmmm... my bad.... =))) Forgot i bought it..... shame on me!!! CLOSED
  6. osklubs

    BUG HELP!!!!

    Serv:Prime Nick: HuLiGaN time:22:20 Lost my wings..... was creating wings... 2 was in inventory (2lvl sm and 2lvl Elf) opened a Vault, pressed Right button on mouse to move them to Vault and they, DISSAPIRED so i took off my 2lvl sm wings off and put them in inv. done same thing ( pressed Right mouse button) and alsow another wings GONE!!! HELP PLS!!!!
  7. сделайте скрин ПЖ!!! как раскинуты статы
  8. to expand env. do i need to buy Vault expansion certificate? or just can buy MAgic backpack instead?
  9. what do you meen? discription of this item is-The space of your enventory can be expanded to the size 8*15 so how to understad, what is this??? i spent 500w for nothing???? p.s. so where is expanded enventory to buy?
  10. in-game nick: HuLiGaN server: Prime 23/04 around 0:00-1:00 have bought expanded inventory from game shop, use it ~1:00 showed message, after re log (or something like that) it will work, but still dont working...
  11. ok, done, have another question... had 400 chaos soul, played 2 times but still have 8/10 in Achievements same with zen lottery 1/3 played 3 times, still 1/3
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