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  1. Chilled / Dune 1 - D 2 - D 3 - D 4 - D 5 - D 6 - D 7 - DExtra - D
  2. As you know you can get ice dragon +15+4 opt from Moss. lmao my offer is: Ghost horse - from 1 to 3 random options Ice Dragon - from 2 to 3 random options Lion - 3 random options and some up to quantity of stones need for craft. maybe - can craft only from +13 to next tier. but i think need some rework of crafting this stuff. they are so random and weaker than fenrirs(what about re-balance?), who can craft anyone just with spend some WC/1 week farm of CW with 2 windows. this long-farm-system is useless in my opinion. for what you need this pets? they are weak. for what you need upgrade it? it's cost recourses and many hours and in the end you get weak and random stuff. and one more time to get weak and random lion. awesome. make this part of a game competitive vs fenrirs, some boost and rework this dumb craft system and it will be interesting for some people.
  3. HRP system are pretty useless, no one does it, so we need some changes here. for my opinion need some boost for rewards: 1) buff not for 3 days. 3 days, really? you need to spend ~2 days for got your level 400 only, you can't go for some bosses without level (ferea, nix, LA, AA, RI, Canyon, SOD, Vulcanus) i think 7 days buff will be interesting. you get your HRP and 5 days you play with boost on level 400. 2) 10k RUUD it's don't interesting. you always can farm more just on Vulcanus. more RUUD will be abusive by alts. i think need to change reward from RUUD to x30 Jewel of Souls. you can't farm Souls if u wanna it, only some chance from MURoomy. but you need it for 3rd/4th wings, mastery set tier up, level up items from +6 to +15. Blesses you can get from WW, BC, Pandora pick. Jewel of chaos/Creation you can get from EvoMUUN scrolls, Harmony you can farm relic/maya hands, only Souls and Lifes you need to farm just from mobs. But Jewels of Life don't need much. So i think x30 Jewel of Souls for HRP will be not very abusive and normal reward. 3) 1 lottery coin for 10 bon and 500kk? it's just a OMEGALUL. change it to 3 tickets for 10 bon + 500kk, or just ticket for 500kk and maybe someone will do this. OR you can create new item - HRP box, and when you get your HRP you got normal reward, like just now 10k RUUD/1 coin/Buff and this HRP box. From HRP box you can get some items with chance, like: x50 jewel(40%), normal capsule(30%), some RUUD(20%), condor feather(5%), TOCA(3%), eTOCA(2%) - nothing special what you can't get just from gameplay. Guild rewards are interesting, but requirements too high - nobody does it. maybe need to some decrease.
  4. Brilliant set for elf are bug. All stats the same with manticore set. you don't get any buff with upgrade tier. And the main part - the 'set option' doesn't work. you don't get bonus energy and strenght of buff, more bless etc. just nothing, like you are in non-mastery set.
  5. Chilled / Dune F6 - F7 - F8 - D1 - D2 - D3 - F1 - G1 - H1 - A4
  6. maybe on Magic and Prime it's right, but on Dune atm playing more then 20 alive person who play every day, and who can't kill Tree here. and this changes makes some interest, some bonuses per week for a players, some blood(maybe someone wanna buy it in the future), some rewards from 100k points. exp is low, it's good. but monster are the same, with huge difference in rewards from kill 5-6 mobs with 1 point and 6 mobs with 2. but the same strenght. and it's strange i think. i speak about only Dune server. atm it's dead location with afk-farm only queens spot. not-so-good, right? maybe changes will help a little?
  7. The difference between trees and queens are not big on the monster strenght and it's strange! maybe change the strenght and zen drop from the monsters like: tier 1 - trees - like Ferea mobs - low damage, low hp, x5, low reward (1 point ) and -50% zen from tier 2 - riders - like gorgon from dd - mid damage, mid hp, x6 but still low reward and 30% zen from tier 3 - queens - like phantoms from red icarus - high damage, high hp but good rewards (2 points) and good zenfarm for wearing characters. with this changes low-tier spots have ppl who farm it more. and i told about X10 Dune server, where still playing ppl who don't get full resets, don't get good items and MUX weapon etc. maybe on Magic and Prime have total happiness about all types of monsters.
  8. on quest tooltip text like 2h in the acheron(in real 1.5h cd on bosses, but nwm). but quest on kanturu arena monsters. wrong info on the system message. maybe it's already fixed atm, idk
  9. качаешь что угодно на 1, лишь бы открыть Debuff Enhancement Passive Option отделение, где плоский урон и скилл дамаг. советую качать блид, т.к. пойзон делает моба зеленым и путает классы, которые могут травить боссов.
  10. When the event will start?
  11. Chilled / Dune 1 - D 2 - D 3 - D 4 - D 5 - D 6 - D 7 - D Extra -D
  12. for sure we need this reworks on Dune. here we see really good changes and really important fix bugs in the game. thanks for work and make server better together!
  13. Chilled / Dune 2 - 206 - 241 - 17
  14. Quest #234: Cursed king - 25 here, only 3 in game. and many in-game wrong tooltips about quest's like 6h resp of the undine, real cd is 4h. every 2h about acheron-bosses, but 1.5h in real. many error about new quests, like kanturu mobs in arena but info about acheron bosses etc.
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