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  1. well i think =)) rw still the be the weakness class of pvp =)) the delay of skill are too long
  2. Watermelon / Magic1 - D2 - T3 - D4 - T5 - D6 - D7 - TExtra - D
  3. everything after update is great but , is so lag at all map... before update like i can barely 3 account and can pvp really smooth now only 1 account at time and it just like a dancing room in my PC
  4. I have a max of RW 380 items , +15 4th wing , mux weapon .v.v.v if fight with other classes with same gear 100% lose =)) and if other classes with lower gear is 50/50 RW is just a PVM class =)) only can bully monster
  5. With those items =)) that was really sweet
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