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  1. it seems that you didn't read the post, I first spoke about the event's entry lvl, I also spoke about REMOVING THE NPC TICKET CREATION MATERIALS.... I don't want 1000 ruud at once, max 750 in BC 7 and less in previous... 1 bless, soul, creation, chaos or life in BC 1.... same in DS.... Encourage players to go to these events by giving 1 bonus every time you win BC or DS. ... almost no one goes to these events because the prizes in 2 is 1 bless, in 3 is 1 creation... I say that because I went to BC 2 and 3 and what I won was exactly that.... 1 bless and 1 Creation! Sicario Guild Brazil Server Antares 1000x
  2. but what about the fight? the server is with more than 400 on day... will afk be farming? I arrive and kill... but that's ok, since there is an event, cool, but, server PVP, icarus is PVP, put your farm there and I kill the farm so I can farm hahaha... the event also stimulates PVP , but as I said, drop below 10%, whoever does a farm is just another one who wants to come and kill! sicario Guild Brazil Server Antares 1000x
  3. I think it's cool the server quests, I think it's cool that Loch's Feather comes in quest's 60, 70 and 80, however, there is a drop of them on the server too, a low drop but exist in icarus, I believe that a rate of 10% or 8% it would be a good size, encouraging them to do the quest. every 5000 mob killed would drop 1 feather or not, the same for Crest.... sicario Guild Brazil Server Antares 1000x
  4. hello .. I'm the Player Sicario from Guild Brasil on Antares 1000x server. First of all, I would like to congratulate the server, it's the way it should be, the zen valued, etc... But the Blood Castle event has the wrong levels, you should see this, because it should be lvl 50 to 399 bc 1...from 400 to 599 bc 2... as it is in the event levels, and however, it is enough to be lvl 400 to go BC 7... The BC prizes are very Bad, could be 1 jewel in BC1 and BC 2 onwards, Box 50 ruud onwards, Ex: BC 2 = 50 ruud, BC 3 75Ruud, BC 4 Random, BC 5 Box 120 ruud, BC 6 and 7 Biix ruud and a random box, so I believe there would be more competition for Blood Castle! the drop events such as egg drop nuum do not exist on the server, the cards... could also be put to work, want to encourage players? put a prize box in Devil Square, giving 1 jewel in DS+1 and giving Box like the ones in BC... don't leave invitations to the events, take the materials from the Devias NPC's invitations and force them to collect and create in the chaos machine, only go to BC and DS who make your invitation the old-fashioned way! thanks for your attention and i hope the idea is good for you and the server is always full! See you!! Sicario Guild Brazil Server Antares 1000x
  5. what is the maximum points for stats 32767 or 65000
  6. what is the maximum 1000x server resets
  7. I have a guild with 42 members, top 1 from another server, we want to play both simultaneously but it seems that yours won't work or you'll have to wait longer to open!
  8. how it is? another day opens? oh, better close it at once and abandon it, if you don't know how to configure it right, I can imagine what you offer to the players! I'm doing live right now for 1200 people on nimo tv, your server is burning with your answer!
  9. I've been waiting since 12:01! I'm bringing an entire guild from another server here, my guild is top 1 from another server!
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