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  1. Yes, I believe it runs on official IGCN files.
  2. Thanks for the reply. Yeah, Im prob gonna try more VMs, but I read somewhere that this protection is specially made against sandboxes and VMs, so. But I will also be trying "Windows XP Mode" which is basically build on VM too, but we will see.
  3. Hello, hope you dont mind me asking here for help regarding MU problem not connected to MUX Legend server. How do I bypass the dual client restriction on one server I'm playing on? It's running Season 6 ep.3 and I wasnt able to even launch new client in Sandboxie or any other sandbox software. I managed to launch second launcher using VMProtect Ultimate software, but when I tried launching the game, I got some general error. It must be protected by some kind of MuGuard or something, for sure, but this has to be bypass-able somehow, cmon. I would provide a main.exe version if I knew how to find it, maybe guide me if thats needed. Please believe me, I spent last two days very properly googling, going thru many forum threads and videos, to no result, before coming asking on a forum. Closest I got was this thread, but I cant use that for my case, maybe thats a clue, can someone help me utilize it? Thank you for any helpful reply!
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