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  1. How many new folders we nned create after every new patch??? bilions?? be a man, do it right!
  2. Do something... u can or not? if not - leave this server admin and go work on building... really, every time same problem?? everythime need install again game and in other folder coz u cant do ur JOB!... looser
  3. Ok, just need install in other folder. All ok. Topic to close
  4. Yeap, ignore = finish instalation, but cant launch game becouze 20/30 errors . Its not a solution
  5. Dont have problems in past.. Today after download new client i cant install game. Please help Thx.
  6. It helps. Thank You. Closed.
  7. I have 2 lottery coins in inventory, all space free, and extra backpack also free space, and i have information when trying use lottery : not enought space, please check free space in your inventory. event items need 2x2 empty space. whot now? Please help.
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