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  1. Thank so much too , Topic Closed Best Greetings, have a nice day
  2. yea I understand u need check all options, kind sad coz i make lot of effort to get 35 Bonuses not 20. day by day doing all BC+7. thats why I make a Post Best Regards SilentBitc
  3. I make all 6x7Day BC, Complete all 42 attends, 2nd place have 30 only. so its not mistake I was first place. If i was exeqo, with 2nd place i will not make a post Best Regards. Admin or Gm can Look at logs. next time I will make SS, going same this week to complete all 42 attends
  4. Nick: SilentBitc Server: x100 Medea
  5. Hi there,i make all BC on whole week from 29,03 - 04.04.2021 on reward was 35 Bons I get only 20 why ? was ranked on First place.
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