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  1. Hello Muxlegend Staff, so I am playing on your server for quite some time but this never happened. Due to some unexpected errors I was forced to reinstall the Windows. I tried to install the game, it freezes at installing that font, tried the alternative solution with the archive (archive is incomplete). I can't run the main.exe due to some weird "awesomium.dll" missing or not installed correctly. I have literally installed all versions of framework since ever, please help me out I want to keep playing on this server :(( please assist me with this, I run out of options.
  2. UPDATE: fixed it, but i had to uninstall my bitdefender
  3. Please help me, game worked just fine until today after I restarted my PC launcher doesn't do anything and neither main.exe Game simply won't start please help :((
  4. Thank you so much for clarification! Really helpful!
  5. Hello guys, I have a question which is stuck in my brain for a while, how that Set Bonus buff work? How can I increase those numbers? Seems that ancient sets instead of growin, drop it, a basic exc set + zen increases a bit...but I am talking about maxing that, how can I do that? And what's the maximum bonus you can get from that? Thank you, looking forward for your help on this.
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